The Only Six Things About The Korryn Gaines Case You Should Know (Until More Evidence Is Released)

1) Stop confusing “She didn’t deserve to be shot and killed” with ” I agree with the manner in which she handled the situation.” Or “She shouldn’t have been arrested.” Countless times armed individuals with mental illnesses (as many of you seem to claim she had without ANY medical documentation) have been detained and have the threat of violence eliminated without ending in death. Tasers, rubber pellets, tranquilizer guns, etc. If you have SWAT, you have other methods to subdue a 23 year old mother with her 5 year old (remember, the “T” in SWAT stands for TACTICS, not terminators.)
2) I am AMAZED at the number of you sounding the same way people treat rape victims: “Well, if she didn’t (insert statement here)…” NO. Your actions towards an officer aren’t enough to warrant you being killed. 

ALSO: It is AMAZING to me how many people that have protested police violence who are telling me, “But the police said…”

You HAVE to see the irony in that.
3) I’m still waiting for someone to show me how you hold a five year old, a shotgun in an actual firing position AND a camera to record everything simultaneously. 
4) Speaking of recording…I can’t be the only one curious as to why the police would/could shut off someone’s social media to prevent live streaming…especially considering what live streaming showed us last month. #PhilandoCastile 
5) Anyone coming at sistas sideways regarding this or any other event: DON’T. Brothers, step your game up and protect those who have been protecting you and speaking out before even YOU did. I may have a lot on my plate, but there’s ALWAYS time to check someone coming for my black women. ALWAYS.
6) Yes, you may have not handled the situation as she did. That doesn’t make you MORE qualified to not be shot. Hell, you could be laying on your back with your hands up and STILL get shot. The fact that the situation I used as an example ACTUALLY happened compiled with, oh, twenty plus years of not-so-great to life-threatening encounters with police, it’s not farfetched for someone to feel paranoid. No one is saying Korryn was a saint; what we are saying is that sainthood has never been a requirement to avoid being shot. This situation is tragic from all angles, but if a story ever comes out where I was killed by police and there was ANY kind of struggle, stay away from my funeral if you say “Well, only if Chris had…”
That is all.

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