The Arizona GOP Is What Racism Looks Like Out Loud.

“I can’t even tell something true unless it has a punchline behind it. You guys aren’t ready. You’re not ready for this. You don’t know how to survive yourselves. Black people, we are the only ones who know how to…

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Why Donald Trump is the PERFECT President

To the 53 Percenters, MAGA fans, and everyone else with common sense,

I know, y’all. I know.

I looked at the title of this blog the way a drunkard would stare at a toilet after an evening of overindulgence and…

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Black Panther: Birth of a New Nation

The first film this country ever created made it clear to me what America thought of me.

On February 8th, 1915, the silent film Birth of a Nation debuted. The movie (originally titled “The Clansman” after the novel…

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Open Letter To Major League Baseball

Dear Major League Baseball,


Every April 15th, you honor a pioneer of your fabled pastime, Jackie Robinson. You spend what I am assuming are generous amounts of money holding ceremonies at every stadium with players adorning the now-forever-retired…

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“January 20th” by Truth B. Told

When I arise this morning

I’ll brush my teeth without trepidation

Drink my tea with defiance and take my grits with butter


Back stiffened

Eyes forward

Teeth gleaming

Ready to stare into Hatred’s familiar eyes

And say, “Yes. I’m…

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The Perfect Gift.

Yesterday was my birthday. To say I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of well-wishes, stories of things I had done to help others, comical recollections of days past, or simple “I love you”s from family and friends would be a…

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For Simone (Poem)


Feels like acid burning your skin

causing tears deep enough to swim in

Just for swimming

they drowned their all-white pools

Told us we didn’t belong

But you tell her all lives matter

You tell her

black girls worry…

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